Hope you are happy and healthy.  It's been great seeing many of you at recent gigs in and around the New York area.

As many of you know, bassist Allen Wu and I started a monthly open jazz jam at the Sentry Flatiron penthouse lounge in Chelsea (top floor of Hotel Henri, 37 W. 24th St.), and Allen helped us get off to a great start.  Allen recently relocated, and keyboardist Eugene Oh has joined me as co-host to continue the tradition. 

The next jam will be on May 22, with the house band set starting at 6:30pm after which audience members are welcome to come up and play.  Turnout has been great and we appreciate your support.  You can sign up or get more information on handstamp.com

My second CD, Beyond, was released fairly recently (Summer 2022), and it is available on amazon.com and cdbaby.com.  My first release (On the Beach) is still available.  Sales proceeds from both releases are being donated to two good causes - Food Allergy Research & Education, Inc. and our local Adopt-a-Dog pet rescue organization.  We plan to continue donating generously to those causes in future years.  Thanks for your continuing support.

Best wishes for continued health, safety, happiness and peace!  Watch this space occasionally for news and other content.

Hamming it Up at Allen's sendoff, Sentry Flatiron NYC, March 2024

House band set at Sentry Flatiron, November 2023.



Here's a video clip from Summer of 2019.  Note audience engagement (~6:10-6:40).


Jamming with the band to kick off the reception at my daughter's wedding - May 2018.  A fun evening.  Congratulations, Julie and Matt!

Samples from On the Beach and Beyond