Beyond and On The Beach

Beyond is available on and

Jailbreak [5:30]
(Mark Lubin)

This I Dig of You [5:34]
(Hank Mobley)

In a Sentimental Mood [7:48]
(Duke Ellington)

Jingles [6:49]
(Wes Montgomery)

How Deep is the Ocean [7:43]
(Irving Berlin)

Sorry John [6:56]
(Mark Lubin)

Soul Eyes [8:30]
(Mal Waldron)

Counting to Eleven [6:14]
(Mark Lubin)

On the Beach is available on and CD-cover-e1451096452995-300x300Back cover

Scrapple from the Apple [2:52]
(Charlie Parker)

Bye Bye Blackbird [6:35]
(Ray Henderson, Mort Dixon)

Jean de Fleur [7:39]
(Grant Green)

Helvering [5:29]
(Mark Lubin)

Cantaloupe Island [6:38]
(Herbie Hancock)

Lube’s Blues [4:54]
(Mark Lubin)

My Foolish Heart [7:30]
(Victor Young, Ned Washington)

Munsters Theme [3:34]
(Jack Wilton Marshall, Bob Mosher)

Yardbird Suite [3:04]
(Charlie Parker)

The Story Behind On the Beach and Beyond

Quite a few musicians have professional careers or other non-musical day jobs.  I’m one of them.  I have held management and advisory jobs in large companies and other organizations over the course of a more “conventional” professional career.  Jazz and guitar playing have been taken seriously, and an important creative outlet, but not the "day" job.

Several years ago, a professional position was eliminated in a corporate restructuring.  In many fields, when that happens the period between jobs is referred to as time “on the beach.”  My experience was probably typical, in that most of my time on the beach was spent trying to get “off the beach,” but I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to explore and create something fun that otherwise wouldn't have been possible.

During an early lull in my job search, I recorded a couple of tracks, and it then occurred to me that the time might be right to use the recording process as a means of memorializing my musical progress, strengthening various skills (playing, composing, arranging, mixing, etc.), and creating something people might like.  The seeds having thus been planted, I hit the studio.  Before long I had recorded quite a bit of music, including a couple of original tunes.  On the Beach, released at the end of 2015, was the result of that process.  I wanted to give back by using On the Beach as a vehicle to do some non-musical good, so sales proceeds have been donated to pet adoption and food allergy/anaphylaxis charities my family supports.

The release of On the Beach several years ago was a big undertaking.  While it opened up terrific musical opportunities, I didn’t expect to take on another project of that magnitude.  The Covid-19 pandemic provided some downtime, which I wanted to use constructively and creatively.  While it also presented challenges and impediments, I looked at navigating through them as an opportunity.  Beyond is the result of that process.

The title, Beyond, expresses a wish that we are past the worst of the pandemic and other tumult of recent years.  It would be naïve to expect smooth sailing from here.  As Gilda Radner used to say, “It’s Always Something.”  But hopefully we’re nearing the end of a difficult chapter, and recent difficult events will result in appreciation and perspective.

Beyond offers three original tunes plus my take on some recognized jazz classics.  I enjoyed making it, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.  As with On the Beach, I intend to donate sales proceeds to pet adoption and food allergy charities.


Samples from On the Beach and Beyond