Here are links to some websites I like that may be of interest to music enthusiasts:

New York Jazz Academy - NY-metro area-based jazz instruction for players of all instruments at all levels.

Samba Meets Jazz - latin and traditional jazz instruction in some very nice places.

Tom Dempsey's website - jazz enthusiasts will love his guitar playing; he's also a great instructor.

For you bassoon enthusiasts...  Marvin Roth's (1921-2018) website.  Marvin was a leading Broadway woodwind player throughout the 1950s-90s, whose credits include Guys & Dolls, Mame, and 5 instruments throughout the entire run of A Chorus Line.  He was also an instructor and author of books regarding bassoon method and instruction.  His music made many people happy.  Rest in peace, Marvin.

And for the socially conscious among us… check out is spearheaded by friend and accomplished attorney Wayne Block, who is applying his energy and considerable talent to preserving the environment.

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